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Our FI letters will get you there, but furthering your education is a worthwhile effort.  Explore the opinions of the BEST Early Retirement, Financial Independence Chasers, and Personal Finance Blogs to see their journey and how some have been able to find financial freedom.

Financial Independence Blogs

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Best Early Retirement Blogs

Bloggers that have achieved Financial Independence and decided to retire early or pursue other projects without worry of generating income.

1500 Days (Retired at 43)1500 days

A former software developer living in Colorado with his wife and two young children.  He discovered the concept of early retirement from other bloggers listed here and decided to set himself a new year’s resolution like no other.  On January 1, 2013, he vowed to become financially independent in 1,500 days.  He achieved it and celebrated his 15th anniversary financially free.  Having a net worth hovering around $2M, he is able to sustain his family’s lifestyle while experimenting with real estate flipping and creating small businesses.

Early Retirement Now (Retirement imminent)early retirement now

Karsten immigrated from Germany to the United States in 1995 to pursue a Master’s and Ph.D. in economics.  He went onto work at the Federal Reserve Bank and later joined the research department of a large investment firm.  He and his wife accumulated nearly $3.5M through index investing and options trading.  They have both given notice to their employers and plan to retire early to spend more time traveling the world with their young daughter.

ESI Money (Retired at 52)ESI money blog

John is a family man that achieved Financial Independence in his 40s and retired in his 50s. He blogs at ESI Money on how he became wealthy and shows you ways to implement the tactics that made him successful. John’s tenets are Earn, Save, and Invest (ESI). He frequently interviews millionaires and focuses content using experiences of those that have already created wealth. He is also the owner of the popular money curation site Rockstar Finance and frequently solicits comprehensive discussions from the best finance bloggers on the web.

Frugalwoods (Retired at 32)frugalwoods

Liz and Nate Frugalwoods are ex-urban folks that found contentment in rural Vermont along with their children and dog. They utilized extreme frugality to make their dream a reality.  With a 70% savings rate, they retired in their early 30s.  They write about the simple life of frugality, personal finance and homesteading. They have created a life they love that is not beholden to consumerism or the drive for material possessions and have published the book “Meet the Frugalwoods

Get Rich Slowly (Retired at 45)getrichslowly

Beginning in 2006, J.D. Roth founded Get Rich Slowly and has been Financially Independent for some time.  He has authored multiple books and courses as well as being a contributor to Entrepreneur magazine.  He has dedicated the site for anyone who wants to find financial freedom.  His articles discuss getting out of debt, buying a house, college savings, early retirement and more related to financial independence.

JLcollinsnh (Retired at 60)jlcollinsnh FI Blog

JL Collins is a well known Finance blogger having created a wildly popular “Stock Series.”  He is an accomplished publisher, consultant, writer, and speaker.  He is the primary author of “The Simple Path to Wealth” which grew out of a series of letters to his daughter about money and investing and was an inspiration to create theFIway letters.

MadFientist (Retired at 34)

Brandon created the MadFientist in early 2012 to document his efforts and create innovative software tools and calculators to experiment with financial independence strategies. He was able to achieve FI by the age of 34 and have full control over his time to pursue projects that made him happy.  He literally takes a scientific approach to achieving FI and even has a companion podcast featuring many of the best financial minds of today.

Millennial Money (Retired at 30)millennial money

Grant Sabatier’s blog teaches how to save, make more money, and retire early. The Millennial generation is realizing financial independence should be a goal and that it’s possible by age 30, as Grant has proven.  He went from an unemployed post college student living with his parents and 2 dollars to his name to over $1 Million in just 5 years.  He’s the author of various media publications, runs multiple webinars, has a money minutes podcast, and provides exclusive content within his membership areas. He recently collaborated with Vicki Robin on “Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need

Mr. Money Mustache (Retired at 30)Mr. Money Mustache

Beginning in April 2011, Peter Adeney started blogging on his methods to reduce spending and increase savings in order to retire early in his 30s. Over the years, he has built a following of “Mustachians” dedicated to the pursuit of financial freedom.  He is quite the personality with an “in your face” teaching style and is considered by many as the founding father of the FIRE movement.  MMM has been the discovery point for many that have recently uncovered the “FIRE movement”.

Our Next Life (Retired at 38)our next life

Tanja and Mark have been documenting their early retirement strategy since 2015 and eventually achieved Financial Independence at ages 38 and 41.  Their focus now is on preserving wealth and educating others on how to do the same.  You can read all about their journey, philosophy, and unconventional wisdom related to money on their site.  Tanja is a rare blogger, with no ulterior motives, and has received numerous awards for her contributions in the FI space.

Physician on FIRE (Retired at 39)physician on fire

Staring in early 2016, anesthesiologist Milo Anderson began blogging after achieving financial Independence at 39 years old. He sold his luxury waterfront property and focused on becoming a family man and enjoying the outdoors.  He is only working part time now and relishing the freedom with his wife and two young boys.

Retire by 40 (Retired at 38)Retireby40

Joe Udo retired from his lucrative engineering career at Intel to be a stay at home dad and blogger at 38.  He refused a stressful career of leading people and watching his mental and physical health deteriorate.  On his blog, Joe chronicles the journey to early retirement and updates his income and expenses regularly to remain accountable to his readership.

Root of Good (Retired at 33)root of good

Justin is a former engineer and attorney that retired at age 33. He and his wife saved aggressively for 10 years and now spend much more time with his young children traveling the world. Justin details his post retirement monthly income, expenses, and networth while documenting the amazing family trips that now occupy his time.

Best Chasing Financial Independence Blogs

Bloggers that are still pursuing Financial Independence and documenting their journey and progress.

Budgets are $exy budgetsaresexy

Don’t let the name fool you…J. Money’s Personal Finance blog is an entertaining spin on the typically boring topic of Money management and investing.  He’s the original founder of Rockstar Finance and has been featured in Forbes, Inc Magazine, New York Times, LA Times, Kiplinger, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. With a personality that accepts “he’s the Miley Cyrus of finance”, you know the kind of unusually framed money advice you’re in for.

My Sons Father mysonsfather

A blog with a similar mission to us, but with humorous Lego imagery to convey the message in a relatable way.  This site’s author is a married father of two boys seeking a minimalist lifestyle and financial independence after his father’s passing at 48.  MSF was inspired by many finance bloggers on this page and frequently parodies the big name finance bloggers in lego comics.  He wishes to educate his children on the FI mindset with his unique point of view.

PTMoney ptmoney

Philip Taylor is a financial auditor, CPA, family man and passionate finance blogger.  He started sharing his own experiences in 2007 and created the popular conference “FinCon” that many in the Financial educational community attend.  He writes for major media outlets, other bloggers, and occasionally has TV appearances. He considers his blog like writing letters to his younger self, which is similar to the goals of theFIway.

The White Coat Investor white coat investor

Jim Dahle launched the WCI blog in mid 2011 focusing on the financial concerns of high debt and income of medical professionals. Jim has been practicing as a board certified emergency room physician for more than a decade. He became frustrated with the lack of skill and honesty of the typical financial professional, and wanted to teach high income earners the DIY method of personal finance. He”s also published the book A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing.

Best Personal Finance Blogs

Personal Finance Bloggers sharing tips about saving money, limiting expenses, and general family finance…with more of a  lifestyle approach.

Making Sense of Cents making sense of cents

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s personal finance and lifestyle blog was created to help improve her financial situation, such as paying off $38,000 in student loans in just 7 months and routinely documenting her income reports.  Michelle is currently touring North America in an RV while discussing topics related to saving money, budgets, debt repayment, blogging, and self employment.

The Busy Budgeter the busy budgeter

Rosemarie Groner’s budgeting blog covers topics related to making more money and spending less.  She’s developed a series of workbooks and discusses organizational skills, family management, cooking, and other actionable ways to save money.  She’s a fan of printables and workbooks for the busy parent to help manage day to day finances.

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Award Winning Finance Blogs and Directories

Plutus Award Winnersplutus awards for finance bloggers

The Plutus Awards are designed to recognize the finance community and provide accolades for entities that develop the best products, content, and services.  Established in 2009 by Harlan Luke of Consumerism Commentary, the Plutus awards gather the best in the Finance Industry and vote on the winners each year for various categories…much like the Oscars. Finance blog category nominations include; investing, retirement, Frugality, FIRE, Family Finance, Women Finance, New Finance Book, International Personal Finance, Debt Freedom, New Personal Finance Podcast, Funniest Finance Blog, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Generational Personal Finance, Minimalism, Frugal Travel, Freelancing, Military Finance, Social Media Collaboration, Financial Planning, Education, Finance Videos, Communities, Achievement Awards, and People’s choice.

Rockstar Finance Directoryrockstar finance bloggers

The popular Rockstar Finance directory provides a list of over a thousand personal finance blogs with searchable features based on category, age, gender, race, location, life stage, net worth, and profession. Rockstar Finance also includes blog start dates and social interaction links.  They are one of the largest curation sites featuring the best of personal finance published on the internet.

Modest Money Finance Blog Ranking ListModest Money finance blog list

Modest Money Blog Ranks are a little differently than the rest.  They base ratings on comparing various stats related to traffic, Search Engine Optimization, social activity, Alexa Ranking, SEM Rush, Klout, MozRank, Domain Authority, and Page Authority. These rankings are based on longevity and popular acceptance. New bloggers might suffer in the rankings, even against abandoned blogs or those providing less value.

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