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Living off investments in your sixtiesWelcome to the typical retirement decade where it’s time to ensure a successful financial legacy by living off investments strategically. Governments and businesses across the world consider your sixty somethings the age in which you become eligible for various benefits, such as Social Security, Medicare, penalty free 401k and other retirement account access, pensions, annuities, etc. You’ll want to ensure you’re not a burden on your children by being financially independent and setup with well diversified assets that can produce enough income to support the retirement lifestyle of travel, hobbies, and spoiling grandchildren. Your elders have advice in how to navigate retirement benefits, sequence of returns, and reduce risk of losing net worth at a time that would be difficult to make up. There’s still something to learn from your elderly parents regarding living off investments.

Living off Investments in your Sixty Somethings

tax avoidance funds


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What Investments go in Which Account for Tax Avoidance?

You may be losing money by simply not understanding which accounts are the best place to hold your investments for tax avoidance. If you have holdings outside of a retirement account, you’ll want to know these tax efficient investing strategies.  Let's walk through a 10 step process to rebalance and stop paying Uncle Sam more than his fair share.
Retirement Calculators


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Retirement and Financial Independence Calculators are near Useless

Forget the online Financial Independence calculators used to predict early retirement and investment returns. I’m sorry, but you need to create a customized plan to FI or hire a professional to do so. Don’t be discouraged and give up based on results of these tools and think, “I'll never retire, if I need a bajillion dollars to do so.” Let’s see how a typical american family can retire earlier than anticipated.
Achieve financial independence


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Discover theFIway and Achieve Financial Independence

I want to share with you a life changing discovery that eluded me for decades. You can actually achieve financial independence rather simply with enough knowledge. Most parents don’t realize it or fail to pass along the methods to the next generation. Let’s fix that!

Introducing the Financial Independence (FI) Way of Life is one of the greatest gifts parents could give to their children. A strong foundation of Financial Literacy, at a young age, can drastically improve the pursuit of happiness. The path to Financial Freedom is not taught in schools and may be discovered when it’s too late to have a meaningful impact on life. Parent your children to prosperity theFIway. Through a series of letters to the next generation, we share experiences and knowledge to help others achieve Financial Independence. Please follow us on Social Media for immediate updates.

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