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This site began in February of 2018 as a means to educate the next generation on the importance of achieving Financial Independence (FI).  A strong foundation of Financial Literacy can drastically improve the pursuit of happiness through financial freedom.  The path to Financial Independence is not taught in schools and may be discovered when it’s too late to have a meaningful impact on life.  This lesson is one of the greatest gifts parents can give to their children.  No matter the age, there is someone from the previous generation that has experienced something of value.

theFIway.com posts letters from one generation to the next as a learning opportunity from past mistakes and successes.  These stories frequently include real life experiences and are tailored as if written from a parent to their child (of any age).  This one on one mentoring format will greatly increase the absorption of valuable information with advice that our author’s would trust providing to their own children.

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Each letter is categorized to the most relevant age group for easy filtering of what is most applicable to your age.  Our letters have been featured on various Finance related publications.

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Kylven Ross is the owner and primary contributor of theFIway.com. He has been married for 17 years and is father to a son and daughter living in New England. Prior to his career success, he was working minimum wage jobs for nearly a decade before getting serious. He went from less than $10 an hour to a six figure salary in just 3 years.

Professional accomplishments now include a bachelor’s degree and leading industry certifications in the field of Information Security.  He has spent the last 18 years working in U.S. Defense, Law Enforcement and the Military.  He has been recognized throughout industry by receiving the most prestigious award in the field beating a competition pool of over 13,000.

He discovered the concept of Financial Independence during a rather stressful year in the compliance space. After fully absorbing the benefits of FI, he has since committed to turning his household’s finances in the right direction.  He and his wife went from a 10% to 35% savings rate since the discovery and is now on track to retire by 50.  He intends to continue working on reducing his early retirement date through side hustles, paying down debt, frugality, optimizing investment and finding tax loopholes to fast track his family to financial freedom.

His experiences and other contributors are documented as a Series of Letters that are used to educate their own children and others about money. theFIway.com wants the next generation to free themselves of the typical expectations, achieve financial freedom and find happiness.  Take the advice from those that have been there before and set yourself up for a life without financial hardships.  Read theFIway.com inaugural letter for more:

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Kylven Ross shares his life changing discovery that eluded him for decades. Achieving financial independence is rather simply with enough knowledge. Most parents don’t realize it or fail to pass along the methods to the next generation. We’re here to fix that!

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